Tintop Cairn Terriers
Lovingly bred for health, beauty & temperament

About Tintop
I obtained my first Cairn Terrier twenty some years ago.  My daughter wanted a puppy to exhibit in Junior Showmanship, and my husband and I wanted an entertaining family pet.
None of us were disappointed!
As I drove my daughter and our Cairn from show to show, I met many wonderful, devoted Cairn breeders, who generously shared their knowledge and love of the breed with me.   I was encouraged to join the Cairn Terrier Club of America and the Potomac Cairn Terrier Club and found their members to be helpful and knowledgeable resources for me as I learned more about the breed I love.  I caught the bug, and the rest is history!

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My Cairns share my home on several acres in Southern Maryland.  Over the years, as the number of Cairns I show has increased, my facilities have grown to keep pace.
Now the kids have their own home under my living room, where I can keep tabs on them throughout the day.  The outdoor runs are roomy and shaded, with houses for snoozing, and large water troughs for soaking, and plenty of space for romping with their buddies.  The indoor runs are attached to allow them to come in out of unpleasant weather or to visit me while I groom in the kennel.
In the evening, everyone comes in for dinner and to sleep in their crates.  This teaches them to be clean in the house and prepares them to go to their new homes.  It also ensures me of their safety while I sleep. 
Expectant moms move upstairs to the nursery,
where they can be closely monitored, at least one week before their due date.  There they give birth and spend the first weeks with their babies.  The puppies can be watched carefully until they are older and need less care.  The mothers are less stressed when they can care for their little ones in a quieter setting. 
Puppies begin weaning at four weeks, and are gradually taught to eat solid food over a period of several weeks.  I don't rush this process, as it is distressing for Mom to be separated from her babies when they are too young and she isn't yet ready to let them go.  No visitors are allowed during this critical period of the weaning process until after the puppies have received two series of vaccinations.  This is to protect the babies from any germs that may be borne on your skin or clothing. 
Vaccinations are begun at 8-9 weeks of age.
  Second vaccinations are given 3 weeks later, with third shots following in another 3 weeks.  Heartworm preventative is given starting at 12 weeks.  Rabies vaccination is completed after the age of 14 weeks.
Following their second vaccinations, puppies are moved downstairs to the kennel with their mom and allowed to meet the other dogs for the first time.  They are given their own protected area for play and exercise and begin to learn polite behavior from the adults.  The period between 8 and 12 weeks is a critical time for the puppies to learn what their mom considers to be acceptable behavior.  They begin to learn self-control, how to play nicely without being too rough;  and that Mom will be unhappy if you bite her or pull her tail.  She doesn't begin this training until the babies are over 8 weeks old, so a puppy who is placed too young, never learns these important lessons.
Puppies begin to meet families and go to their own special homes  after their vaccinations are complete.  They shed their baby teeth and I begin to make choices about my future show prospects.  All puppies, whether show or pet, receive the same quality care, love and attention. 
Those dogs who are show prospects receive individualized testing to assure that they will not pass on health problems to their future offspring
All of my puppies are of high quality, and most could be shown to their Championship.  I keep only the dogs who will fit best into my breeding program, as I work toward producing the best possible Cairn Terriers for your home and family, and for the future of the breed.
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