Tintop Cairn Terriers
Lovingly bred for health, beauty & temperament


A Cairn Terrier Is:
  • Fun-loving
  • Intelligent
  • Affectionate
  • Energetic
  • Playful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Strong-willed
  • Independent
  • Instinctive
  • Self-serving
  • Determined
  • Tenacious
  • And Completely Delightful, if Properly Trained
Frequently Asked Questions:

*How are Cairns with children?
  Cairn Terriers are very good with children.  They tend to be
  very tolerant, but all children must be taught to respect their
  pets, and to treat them gently and kindly.  Young Cairns do
  best with older children, but many older puppies and adults
  fit in well with children above the age of five.

*I'd like to surprise my children with a puppy.  Can I buy one?
A careful breeder won't sell you a surprise puppy.  They will
  want to meet your whole family to help them choose the best
  fit for you.  I suggest to the family that they give the children a
  picture of a puppy, explaining that they'll be visiting the breeder
  to learn which puppy will be the best match for them.  This is
  especially wise at the holiday season.  The excitement and busy-
  ness of the holidays is a poor time to begin training a puppy. 
  It's far wiser to visit to bring your puppy home when life has
  settled back to normal.

*We're looking for an eight-week-old, wheaten female.   Do you
  have any? 
I may have one, but perhaps the perfect puppy for 
  you happens to be a grey-brindle male!  I always advise that
  a puppy should be chosen based on it's personality, in order to
  assure that you get the ideal puppy for your situation.  Think
  about how much activity you like, how snuggly, what level of
  independence or interaction.  Do you want a playful puppy, or
  a quiet one.  In Cairns, coat color and cute face change as
  your dog matures.  Personality and temperament remain much
  more stable.

*Why do your puppies cost more?  A better question to ask
  may be:  "Why do some puppies cost so little?"  What is wrong
  with them that they are so undervalued?  Dedicated
  don't cut corners on vet care.  They provide the full measure of
  what is needed to protect your puppy's health and allow it to
  grow up strong and sturdy.  Vet care is expensive.  The only
  way to provide a less expensive puppy is to cut corners on care
  As with most things, you get what you pay for!

*Why do you do health testing?  Do your dogs have health
There are some health problems in any breed.  It's a fact.
  Those who claim they've never had a health issue in their dogs
  are either trying to deceive you or are hiding their heads in the
  sand.  All living creatures have the potential for problems.
  Dedicated breeders perform many different genetic or health
  tests on the dogs they use for breeding to assure that the pup-
  pies they produce will be healthy.  This is your only true   
  assurance that the puppy you receive is sound.

*Why is it important that you have Champions;  I only want a
Those breeders who show their dogs to obtain Champion-
  ships on them keep a higher caliber of dog for breeding and so
  produce a higher quality pet.  This is reflected in the health and
  structural soundness of your puppy, and in the amount of vet
needed to maintain your dog's health during its lifetime.

*Do I need a fenced yard for a Cairn?
You must have a secure fenced area for your dog if you intend
  to allow them outside without a leash.  Cairns were bred for
  hunting, and if they see anything which moves quickly, a bunny
  or a squirrel for instance, they will bolt. When their instinctive
  behavior is triggered, they
are completely obsessed with the
  hunt and don't even hear you call them.  As they can run at
  35 MPH for an extended length of time, you'll be hard-pressed
  to catch them.

*But I have a large area (or farm, or woods, etc.) where they
  Read the last answer again carefully.  A loose Cairn is a lost
  Cairn.  They should never be allowed to run loose.  Most laws
  forbid this in any case, and require you to leash your dog. 
  If your dog were to remain in your yard, there would still not be
  the protection for him from other animals that a fenced yard
  would provide.

*What if I live in an apartment?
  Cairns are wonderful apartment dwellers, as long as they get
  adequate amounts of exercise.  A good, long walk every day
  will do the job nicely.

*How easy are they to housetrain?
Cairns are very clean little dogs who will go to great lengths
  to keep their space pleasant.  They are usually very quick to
  housetrain with consistent crate training.  This is the quickest, 
  kindest, most reliable way to train them to be clean inside.

*Do Cairns need much grooming?
All dogs need a good deal of grooming to keep them comfort-
  able and clean.  Cairns are no exception.  Cairns are groomed
  for the show ring by "stripping" out the long, dead layers of
  coat.  Most pet owners find this to be too time consuming, and
  prefer to have the coat scissored or clippered to keep their
  pet neat and attractive.  This does change the texture of the
  coat, which will become softer.  It needs to be done about      
  every two months.  Weekly brushing and nail grooming will
  keep your
Cairn looking nice, and tooth brushing will help  
  keep  their
breath pleasant. Your breeder will be happy to
  teach you
proper grooming techniques if you would like to learn
  to hand "strip" your dog.

*Are Cairns barkers?
Cairns will usually bark to warn you that something is amiss.
  They make a good alarm system, but usually feel no need to
  bark for no reason.  You will, of course, need to teach your
  dog when it's okay to bark and when they should stop.

*I have allergies.  Will a Cairn Terrier make them worse?
Many who have allergies find that they do very well with a
  Cairn.  Those with severe allergies or asthma may find that any
  dog causes them problems.  Cairns have less dander than many
  other dogs, and so cause less of a problem.  The only way to
  learn if a Cairn aggravates your symptoms is to visit and play
  with some to see how you respond.

*Why do you belong to the Cairn Terrier Club of America? 
  The CTCA and regional Cairn Terrier Clubs have ethical
  guidelines that protect the dogs belonging to members from
  misuse, overbreeding, and neglect.  They will sanction members
  who mistreat their dogs, or behave in a manner that is detri-
  mental to the best interests of the breed.  Their rules bar dogs
  from being bred too young or too old, or from being bred so
  frequently as to be dangerous to their health.  These clubs
  support the Cairn Terrier breed and their members are
  generous with the knowledge they have, to help those just
  starting out in the breed.  Membership isn't limited to breeders, 
  but is extended to pet owners as well.  All that is needed is a
  love of the Cairn Terrier and a desire to see them well-served.


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